LDC services many areas throughout the Montgomery area. Whether you are applying as a resident or from a commercial business, we provide the opportunity to complete an application online.

Please Fill Out the Form Below

By submitting this application, I represent that said premises is occupied as the location type listed above, and that gas shall be consumed for the usage type listed above only and agrees to take and use the same and to pay for the gas and service supplied at the said premises or any other premises at established rates. Applicable to this class of service, as bills are rendered therefore, until written notice is given by the applicant to discontinue the supply and applicant agrees to the terms, rules and regulations that are on file and available for review or inspection at the Montgomery office.

Applicant affirms that he/she has read this application for service and that the information contained herein is true and correct. (Warning: Giving a false written statement to obtain gas service is a Class “A” Misdemeanor, punishible by a fine and/or imprisonment). (Section 32.32 Texas penal code).

Deposit and/or letter of credit and application must be received prior to service being initiated.

Deposit: $140.00 (Residential), $500.00 (Commercial)