The Importance of 811

A pipeline emergency is unlikely to occur. However, the most likely type of an emergency on a pipeline is a leak caused by excavation and construction equipment owned by parties other than the pipeline company.

Before you dig or excavate, you are required to contact Texas One Call to determine exactly where pipelines are located and wait 48 hours for the site to be marked by utilities. 

When You Call…

Have the following information available when you call Texas One Call:

  • Name and telephone number
  • Date and time the work is scheduled to begin
  • Specific location address or description of the work site
  • Nearest intersecting roadway to the work site
  • Distance and direction of the work site from the nearest intersection

Remember to dig safely, call before you dig, wait 48 hours for the site to be marked, observe the marks, and dig with care.

Please advise LDC immediately if you make any contact with the pipeline. It is important that we inspect and repair any damage to the line.