Recognizing a Leak

The odor of natural gas used in homes and businesses is distinctive, recognizable, and has a smell similar to rotten eggs. However, when natural gas comes out of the ground it has little or no odor. For your protection, LDC has placed an odorant into the gas so that leaks may be detected by its scent.

You may also recognize a leak by sight or sound. An unusual noise coming from the pipeline, similar to a hissing or roaring sound, may be a sign of a leak.

If a Leak Occurs

Immediately leave the area.

  • Do not smoke, strike a match, operate switches, flashlights, cigarette lighters, use a telephone, or do anything that may create a spark.
  • Call LDC at 936-539-3500 or 1-866-710-8810.

Once an emergency is identified, LDC will immediately dispatch personnel to the site.